Stittsville on Patrol: The patrol will continue with season 2

Good news for fans of Stittsville on Patrol! The comedy series will return in September 2021 for a second season!

As the creator of the series, Christopher Redmond, puts it: “neighbourhood-watch nut Simon Bauche will soon be back on the streets, in the bushes, and undercover to expose the community’s shameless Stitts-villains.”

The hilarious series has been very well-received, remaining in the Bell Fibe TV1 Top 10 across Canada after breaking TV1’s record for most viewers in the series’ first week. “That’s just statistical,” as the patroller-nobody-asked-for of the series, Simon Bauche (brilliantly played by Ben Milks), would put it.

For those without a Bell Fibe subscription, the good news continues! Season one episodes will be released on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday beginning on March 30th. The first two episodes are already available to watch on the Stittsville on Patrol YouTube channel.

Season 2 will premiere exclusively on Bell Fibe TV1 this September.


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