Stittsville photographer creates local wildlife calendar in support of Stittsville Food Bank

(Jacinta Cillis-Asquith captured this Barred Owl in her Stittsville neighbourhood of Bryanston Gate. She compiled her favourite photographs to create a calendar of local wildlife to support the Stittsville Food Bank. Photos: Submitted)

Stittsville photographer, Jacinta Cillis-Asquith has beautifully captured the many species of our local wildlife. Their sightings have been found near our streets, fields, forests and wetlands in and around the Stittsville community. Jacinta has created a calendar for 2022 in which the calendar highlights twelve of her favourite photos primarily taken in Stittsville. Through the sale of her calendar, she hopes to raise funds for the Stittsville Food Bank.

Jacinta has shared her photos throughout the years with Stittsville Central and we wanted to know more about her and her photographs. Jacinta has always loved photography since her childhood. She told us, “When I got married, 30 years ago, my sister gave me the gift of a Canon camera. I was always taking photos, but I could only process small numbers of pics with a young family as film and processing were expensive. Once digital photography happened, I have been taking photos ever since. I love animals and taking their pictures just naturally happened. So the answer to when I started being a photographer is likely lifelong, but I started my official Facebook Page, “JacintaPICS,” on Jan 9, 2016″.

The majority of photos she has taken for the calendar are local. Like the Barred Owl, featured for November, that was discovered hanging out on a branch at the end of Maple Grove near a path edge leading to the end of Stittsville Main in the Bryanston Gate Neighborhood. Below are just a few of the area locations featured in the calendar that were photographed by Jacinta:

  • a deer in the area of Hazeldean and Eagleson,
  • a Red Cardinal at the Johnny Leroux Arena,
  • a beaver on the nature trail off of Stitt Street – just a few feet in from the Stitt Street Park,
  • a Blue Heron at the pond at the end of Stittsville Main Street in Jackson Trails

There is always a need for donations at the Stittsville Food Bank, but Jacinta’s support with her calendar sales is personal. She shares with us, “as I have in the past, and people close to me have received help from food banks and I know how huge a difference they make when there is a need. I have felt and seen the effect of COVID on everyone, especially small businesses and youth mental health. Christmas is a challenging time for many people, especially in a pandemic. I wanted people to be cheered up by the animal photos taken mainly in this town and to be part of helping and giving back this holiday season“.

The wildlife calendar will make a lovely holiday gift and Jacinta is donating $5.00 from the sale of every calendar to the Stittsville Food Bank. At the price of $19.99, this beautiful wildlife calendar is printed on high gloss 100lb silk and measures 11 X 17 when hung. Free delivery is being offered when folks order at Jacinta’s online store using the code ‘STITTSVILLE’. Visit the link here. You can also view the many special occasion cards that Jacinta creates at the same link.

Jacinta is hoping to sell 200 copies of her calendar to meet her goal of a donation to the Stittsville Food Bank of $1,000 to help out with the extra demand for food.

If you wish to see more of the calendar content, Jacinta has produced a video for her Facebook page that can be viewed here. You can follow Jacinta to see more of her wonderful photos and special occasion cards on her Facebook page.


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  1. Thanks to Stittsville Central as of today I am 1/4 of the way to the goal of raising $1,000 for the Stittsville Food Bank through the sales of my JacintaPICS™ 2022 Calendar. There are still lots of calendars available and $5.00 from each sale is going to the SFB. Orders in Stittsville can use the “STITTSVILLE” to get free delivery! 🙂 Jacinta

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