Stittsville Public School students ‘pay it forward’ with their huge hearts

Approximately 80 grade 6 students from the French Immersion regular program classes at Stittsville Public School (SPS), have been working diligently since March involving themselves in various ‘Pay it Forward’ projects. This program has been under the lead of Maura Cuffari, a French teacher at the school, but it was a total team effort.

The students have become the voice and authority in spreading awareness for several charities and organizations, both locally and internationally. Although not an official duty for their assignments, many also performed some fundraising for the organizations they chose to support. Some of the kids used their parent’s social devices to obtain further donations.

Today was showcase day, and the students were excited to share their remarkable accomplishments, donations and pride in what they have achieved in three months. The students raised $6,189 (after Canadian Tire added an additional $700 to their overall fund) and spent 460 volunteer hours to attain this incredible donation amount.

A few photos are shared here of this successful project —


It was exciting for us to catch up on the three boys — Wyatt, Joseph and Maximus — who we profiled in an earlier article about their garage sale for the World Wildlife Fund. We learned through their caring for the wild animals, they raised $350 and were very proud to unveil to us.

Some amazing acts of kindness have been fulfilled by these students and should be celebrated. These kids ought to take great pleasure in knowing that they have contributed so much to the causes and organizations they believe in. Their contibutions for the benefit of many make Stittsville the caring community it is.


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