Stittsville resident plays piano tunes virtually for seniors

(Allan Ryan of Stittsville sits at his piano in his basement music retreat ready to play tunes for seniors and shut-ins through his virtual service. Photo: Allan Ryan)

Seniors in retirement homes are missing their families and the staff are overwhelmed trying to keep the residents healthy and happy, while attempting to maintain a normal environment during these trying times.

We have all heard of the heart-breaking news coming out from some area homes. It seems that our retirement homes here in Stittsville are doing well in managing the fight against this terrible plague by reacting quickly to put in place measures to restrict entry of the virus.

With this in mind, Stittsville resident, Allan Ryan, has reached out to several senior’s residences and seniors’ groups across the area to offer his virtual piano tunes for sharing. He wants to help the staff and senior residents remain happy and healthy by bringing a “smile to the faces of residents” through music. He plays old familiar tunes and always includes Happy Birthday for those who may be or have celebrated their special day. He plays for them live from his basement retreat thanks to his daughter Meaghan assisting with the technical set-up.

Allan makes the point that this is not about him, “if we all do a little it will make a difference. Lots of people out there are doing much more than I every day. My heart goes out to these folks for what they have to endure each day in their homes with no visits, no family contact or entertainment of any kind.” He added, “it is as rewarding for me as I hope it is entertaining for them.”

To date, he has played to several seniors across the valley and already has bookings for May. If you know of any group of folks who are shut in, please get in touch with Allan and he will do what he can to connect with them and share his virtual entertainment for those to enjoy safely. Allan can be reached through his email at


5 thoughts on “Stittsville resident plays piano tunes virtually for seniors”

  1. Allan: Thanks for your outreach to make life a little more interesting for people who cannot leave their homes. Is there a web site where we hear a short sample of your Piano presentation?
    Phil Sweetnam

  2. Allan is a favorite and frequently plays at the Chartwell Stonehaven Retirement Residence in Bridlewood, Kanata . Thanks Allan – you brighten up our life ! .

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