Stittsville residents respond big-time to SMHA-GGHA food drive parade

The players and volunteers of the Stittsville Minor Hockey and Goulbourn Girls Hockey Associations criss-crossed the streets of Stittsville to collect donations for the Stittsville Food Bank in a first-ever food drive hockey parade on Saturday, May 16. The three hour parade was a huge success for the food bank, team members and volunteers.

The food drive, thanks to Stittsville residents for their generosity and each hockey association for coordinating the event, brought in over four thousand well needed food items and raised over $2,000 for our Stittsville Food Bank. Amazing!

Theresa Qadri, President of the Stittsville Food Bank, after helping to unload the voluminous donations, thanked everyone who took part and said, “I have been here for 25 years and the Food Bank has never run out of food! During COVID-19, we have had to go out and shop to keep the shelves filled.” She couldn’t thank the support of these teams of youth and Stittsville residents enough.

In a Facebook message, Qadri said, “Thank you Goulbourn Girls Hockey Association and the Stittsville Minor Hockey Association for your amazing Food Drive Parade. The first ever Hockey parade for food brought in approximately four thousand food items and over two thousand dollars. Stittsville has Heart! The volunteers and our neighbours who need your help thank you all.”

The Ottawa Police even volunteered with Cst. Melanie Arbour’s presence a part of it all!

We also add our thanks to all those who donated and participated!

Here are some photos from this first-time hockey parade that helped our Stittsville Food Bank when your donations were needed during COVID-19…


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  1. Unfortunately, the organizers of this drive demonstrated very poor examples to the young people involved. The parents and kids were mixed together and standing much too close, there was no physical distancing, norm were masks worn. It is unfortunate that the police officer present didn’t encourage people to abide by the government guidelines. The group was too large, kids rode together in the bed of a pickup truck and they left trash all over the parking lot where they first gathered. A good idea gone very wrong

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