Stittsville scouts and guides hosted well-attended safety bike rodeo

Partnered with Safer Roads Ottawa, the Stittsville Scouts and Girl Guides held their family bike rodeo on May 11th. Bike season is here and the timing and lessons learned with this bike rodeo couldn’t have come at a better time.

Over 70 kids and parents came out to participate in this free event. During the rodeo, John from Safer Roads gave out safety road gear and safety tips to the participants. He shared with us that “every bike must be outfitted with a front white bike light, a bell, rear red light, white reflective tape on both sides of the front tires and red reflective tape on the rear”. This is all required under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. Not only all the bike safety gear — the Act also states that an approved bike helmet must be worn at all times for those under the age of 18. John added, “reflective bands and tape also help when attached to your legs and arms … drivers are more responsive when they see these”.


Do you know how to fit a bike helmet properly? When wearing the helmet only two fingers below the top of helmet and above your eyes, form a V around your ears to adjust the straps and only one finger inserted into the chin strap. If you heed all of this advice, your helmet is fitted perfectly.

Do you know your hand signals? These are important rules of the road that the students were taught or reminded of. Always use your hand signals so vehicle drivers know what action you intend to take.

Enjoy these photos of some participants in the bike rodeo —

(Photos: Mandy Hambly and Stittsville Central)



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