Stittsville Special Olympians return loaded with medals

(Ontario Provincial Police officers indicate Team #1 for our Stittsville Olympians – Katie Xu, Jack Fan and Victoria Ziola as they pose with their medals received at the Ontario Special Olympics Winter Games. All photos provided by Cathy Skinner)

Stittsville and the Goulbourn Skating Club should be so proud of our Special Olympian team who recently returned from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario where they competed in the 2019 Ontario Special Olympics Winter Games.

The team, made up of Jack Fan, Michael Raytchev, Katie Xu and Victoria Ziola along with their Coach Cathy Skinner and Associate Coach Maureen Mills, were successful in bringing home medals consisting of seven gold, one silver and one bronze.

Each athlete received the following medals:

  • Jack received 2 gold and 1 silver;
  • Michael received a gold;
  • Katie received 3 gold; and,
  • Victoria received a bronze.

An excellent week of competition for this team.

(Coach Cathy Skinner with Jack Fan, left, and Michael Raytchev, right, posing with their Gold medals)
(Victoria posing for Coach Cathy Skinner)


(Michael posing with proud Coach, Cathy Skinner)

These extraordinary athletes have practiced so hard all year to be able to take part in the Winter Games and the determination and diligence they have given to their profession has certainly paid off. The coaches, family and friends should be congratulated for their support and the work done to bring these Olympians back home with the medals they so deserve.

Watch for more from these exceptional athletes!


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