Stittsville Through Phases – Growing Up a Stitty

(Photo of Stittsville looking towards water tower at sundown. Photo: Carissa Fortin)

Picture this. It’s 1999. It’s August and it’s hot. The quaint little town of Stittville is bursting with life. Somewhere on Hobin Street, a family is bringing home their new baby girl. Life is simple. Life is good.

Flash forward a few years. That little girl (me) starts to find favorite spots to go to in Stittsville — like the library, Showbiz Entertainment owned by Shad Qadri, the park in front of Johnny Leroux Arena and the Goulbourn Recreation Complex. She dreams of being a dancer so takes ballet classes at Studio ‘A’ Dance.

Flash forward again. Now this girl takes art lessons at Art Mad, Jiu Jitsu at Therrien Martial Arts and joins Brownies. By this point, she has a new dream — find a job. 

Flash forward another few years. She’s almost in high school now. Her activities now include horseback riding at Fiddler’s Green and she still does Jiu Jitsu at a different school.

Flash forward once more. She’s 20, she’s experienced all that Stittville has to offer and she can’t wait to see the rest of the world one day, although she knows that day is not today. So for now she sits typing up stories and writing this article, thinking about how far she’s come, in the little town that she calls home.


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