Stittsville United Church offers public a Place for Peace

With all of the turmoil in the world today, Stittsville United Church (SUC) would love to tell you about a new initiative – ‘The Place to BE’. Their new tag line is about learning to BE, just BE.  Learning to be present, and being able to BE who you are and to be accepted and loved for being you.  We are Human Beings and yet we have become so busy “Doing”.

The Church has started a PLACE FOR PEACE on Tuesdays. Their flyer appears below. Once the now has less of a presence, a large sign announcing the ‘The Place to BE’ will be displayed at the corner of Fernbank and Main Street.

Ruth Richardson “noticed the PEACE ROOM downtown and believed there is a need for such places. The downtown Peace Room is a business and it costs a lot of money. It is like a spa for peace and healing”.

The Peace Place does not cost any money and is self-directed. The room has a fireplace with comfortable furniture, pillows, blankets, books, eye masks, ear plugs, a variety of comforting teas, music, journals, a table of art supplies, healing oils, gems, video images of nature and crystals etc… It involves all your senses. A small turn out was present on March 12 and the Church is confident it will be a great place for folks to rest and get rejuvenated.

Ruth added, “we are offering great coffee and soothing teas. No agenda, but to find peace. The military wives were practicing tonight in the building and I heard many as they walked by comment on how lovely and peaceful the room looked. Tuesday nights they sing for their souls, a great vibe on Tuesday nights at SUC, The Place to BE”.

This promises to BE a lovely space to relax, meditate, read and think. The Peace Place is open to all.



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