Stittsville Villa celebrates Mother’s Day with drive-thru fanfare

(Mother’s Day was celebrated with a parade at the Stittsville Villa on Sunday, May 9, 2021.)

What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day! The Moms and Grandmoms at Stittsville Villa by Revera received a beautiful surprise this past Sunday afternoon, in honor of Mother’s Day.

With over 30 cars in a parade, the Moms and Grandmoms were entertained and shown much love. The parade of cars driving past lasted for over 30 minutes and were filled with loved ones: children, grandchildren, and even their family pets! It was an event very much appreciated and enjoyed by all! There is even a video made of the happy event.

Family displayed heartfelt signs, balloons, flowers, gifts, and shouting messages of love! It was a emotional afternoon and you could truly feel the love in the air!



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