Stittsville Whole Health Pharmacy initiates opiod awareness session for community

With the increased use of opiods in Ottawa, community-minded Pharmacist, Avish Shah, owner of Stittsville Whole Health Pharmacy, is leading an information session at his pharmacy on Sunday, February 16th. The session is a unique opportunity to bring awareness of drug use to the Stittsville community. Shah will informally lead the participant through the use, harm reduction strategies available and optimistically end the stigma around the use of drugs.

On his sessions, Avish said, “Let’s learn together. I welcome you to my pharmacy for an informal 101 session. The number of opioid-related emergency cases in Ottawa have been steadily increasing in the past 10 years. With Naloxone now available, I wanted to make the community aware of opioids, harm reduction strategies, and to end the stigma surrounding drug use.”

(Avish gives Stittsville Central a sneak peak of his information session on Opiod use to take place on Sunday, February 16, 2020.)

Stittsville Central was certainly enlightened by the information Avish will be presenting. The session is being held from 2:30 – 3:30 pm and well worth attending to learn more about this important topic! The free session is being held in his pharmacy at 1609 Stittsville Main Street, Unit C (located in the Mount Carmel Medical Centre).

Space is limited as the pharmacy can only accomodate 10 people for the session. You can register for the free tickets at: Should you have further questions, don’t hesitate to call Avish at 613-831-2180.

   (Avish Shah, pharmacist and owner of Stittsville Whole Health Pharmacy, explains a Naloxone kit and its contents to Stittsville Central.)

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