Stittsville’s Erica Wiebe inspires others to start your ‘impossible’ – Olympic channel

(Erica Wiebe of Stittsville and a Canadian Olympic Gold Medallist shares her story on the stigma of being a female wrestler and how her experiences are helping young athletes. Photo: Submitted)

In June of 2019, wrestling gold medalist Erica Wiebe joined nine other Canadian athletes on ‘Team Toyota’ to inspire others as they reach for the top. We brought you this story on June 12 of last year. Since that time, Erica has been supporting young girls in Calgary (where she trains) to grow their confidence and purpose through wrestling.

Toyota in partnership with the Olympic Channel have produced a six-part original series featuring the inspirational lessons from the nine world-class Team Toyota athletes and their stories about overcoming common personal barriers and starting their own impossible.

In the new original series What Moves Me, Erica shares her personal story – with less than one year to go before next summer’s Paralympic and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 being hosted in 2021.

Erica appears in the fifth episode – Finding Your Place – in which she imparts how the support of important people in her life have helped her to overcome the stigma and self-doubt of pursuing a sport that society doesn’t always expect of a woman. You can see how Erica stays active and trains for next summer’s Olympic Games.

Said Erica of her sport and support of young girls, “I always try to give back to be that role model because I want the next generation of young girls to see me and to not question their love for the sport and their place in the sport”.

“Each athlete’s path to success is unique and we are so proud of Erica and the other Team Toyota athletes for sharing their personal stories and challenges” commented Cyril Dimitris, the Vice-President of Marketing at Toyota Canada commented. “We hope viewers across Canada and around the world are encouraged to start their own impossible after watching the series,” added Dimitris.

Toyota believes mobility goes beyond cars – it’s about overcoming challenges and making dreams come true and this is encapsulated in our Start Your Impossible corporate initiative.


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