Stittsville’s new Councillor sworn in

(Photo by Barry Gray)

The Shaw Centre was the location December 3rd for the official swearing in ceremony for Ottawa’s newly-elected Council and Mayor. The evening was filled with music and an Inaugural Procession led the new council onto the stage. An Indigenous Blessing was read by Elder Barbara Dumont-Hill.

The Mayor gave his Declaration of Office and then signed his Oath of Office witnessed by Her Worship Louise Logue. The official Chain of Office was presented to Mayor Watson by Mr. Rick O’Connor, City Clerk and Solicitor.

The Councillors were called upon to give their Declarations of Office as a group that was administered by Her Worship Louise Logue. Each Councillor signed their individual Oaths of Office in order of their Ward numbers. Councillor Glen Gower of Ward 6, pictured above, is signing his official Oath of Office.

Mayor Watson addressed the audience outlining some of the hard work that is to come and welcomed his new Council. Reverend Dr. Anthony Bailey provided the closing remarks and singing of the National Anthem ended the official ceremony. A reception followed with locally made desserts and refreshments.

As we love history at Stittsville Central, I might add that the chair used for the ceremony once belonged to former Mayor Charlotte Whitton (the first female mayor elected in 1951 of a major city in Canada).


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  1. Congratulations Glen Gower!
    As a resident of Stittsville for more then 20 years, I am looking forward for the next years under your new term.
    Our community has grown tremendously during my years as a resident and many chalanges are awaiting for your leadership. I am sure the we all can continue developing this vibrant community.
    I wish you all the best for a successful run.
    Ana María

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