Stittsville’s PC candidate responds to allegations against Patrick Brown

Goldie Ghamari is the Ontario PC Candidate for Carleton, the riding that includes Stittsville.  She tweeted last night and this morning in response to sexual misconduct allegations against former PC leader Patrick Brown.

UPDATE: Ghamari released this statement on her web site later on Thursday:

Late last night, like many Ontarians, I was shocked by what I heard. I shared my initial thoughts and waited to receive more information. Mr. Brown’s decision to step down as Party Leader, in order to deal with these very serious allegations, was the right choice.

The more I learn, the more I am deeply disturbed by the allegations of sexual misconduct against the former leader of the PC Party of Ontario. I offer my unreserved sympathy to these brave women who came forward. They, and all women who endure these horrible circumstances, have the right to be heard in a supportive environment and to seek justice. I have the utmost faith in our police and our courts.

Please rest assured that, despite these shocking allegations and Mr. Brown’s resignation, the Ontario PC Party is a strong, united front. We will continue preparing for the upcoming election. I am so blessed to be surrounded by an exceptional campaign team.

The people of Carleton have been my sole priority and sole focus since I began campaigning almost two years ago. That priority has not changed. I am working hard, and I will continue to work hard, to serve you.

You can read the Official Statement from the Ontario PC Party here.

To all of our Ontario PC Party youth members, campus clubs & any all other young conservatives – you’re not alone.  If you need to talk to someone, please send me an email with your phone number:

Goldie Ghamari
Ontario PC Candidate – Carleton


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