Stittsville’s Sound of the Muse Creative Media and Great Canadian Theatre Company partner for first-ever on-line production

Songwriter and Music/Media Producer Timothy Trieste and Singer/Vocal Producer Shann Bailey operate the Ottawa recording and video production studios of Sound of the Muse Records/Creative Media right here in Stittsville, and are known for their work providing professional artist development resources, while also recording albums and performing with their two current groups The Life of Pearls, and SleepWalk Plaza

Over the past year during COVID, Sound of Muse received a number of commissions to produce music and media entertainment.

One of those exciting commissions was from Culture and Heritage Canada and the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) — Ottawa’s premiere theatre. It all began in January, 2021 when the outgoing GCTC Artistic Director, Eric Coates, applied for Culture and Heritage Canada funding to produce a virtual production. With live on-stage productions on hold during lockdown, it was difficult for GCTC to reach their audience. The idea of an on-line, free viewing, theatrical film/video production series to be presented by GCTC was a first-ever for the theatre.

Eric Coates knew of Timothy Trieste’s songwriting, music production, film/video production, and his writing (short stories, poetry and plays). Inspired by Timothy’s themes, Eric reached out to Timothy to begin discussions on what such a GCTC presentation might be. The result is a series of short story films, also featuring original music, entitled, “Negotiations With Existence” — written, photographed, produced and narrated by the multi-talented Trieste.

GCTC was looking for an online production to capture the interior experiences and contemplations we were all feeling during the lockdown,” says Eric Coates, outgoing GCTC Artistic Director. “Earlier this year I came across Timothy’s writing, short film production, and music, and was struck by his themes. I offered him a challenge to package his stories and music into something that would capture the interior dialogue that we are all feeling at this time.”

(Eric Coates is the outgoing Artistic Director of the Great Canadian Theatre Company.)

As the series writer and producer, Timothy tells of how he came up with the theme and the stories and songs in the series, “These extraordinary times have moved into focus the existential anxieties we have always known, lurking in the periphery of our vision.”

Timothy adds, “Now in our line of sight, there is a sobering feeling that the veils are being removed. It feels as though never before has our confidence in the future of existence been so fragile. And it feels more personal than ever before— not just a societal revelation. There is a palpable sense for each of us that we have been called upon to renegotiate everything we thought we knew about life and living. It’s all on the table. And now the bargaining begins, each one of us pondering the big questions in our small and very personal experiences of human existence.”

Shann tells us, “The idea for the series was to reflect the “psychology” of these times, not just in the lock down, but at this point in human history with all the revelations about the future of existence which we are confronted with. And because of the lock down the production had to be a one-man production (though I appear and also sing and play in the series.) And so the entire series has that very interior and intimate feeling of a production and an artist confined to our studio here in Stittsville.”

The first series has three 20-30 minute episodes. They are entertaining, intimate and philosophical and the entire musical video production was accomplished by Timothy as a one-man production, with no outside resources, during the lock down at the studio in Stittsville. The episodes are available for free viewing on the GCTC website or at the episode links provided below. If you loved these, more episodes will be coming throughout 2021 so stay tuned.

The launch of the Negotiations with Existence series also marks the launch of The Life of Pearls new album and stage show — Into the Beautiful Blue. Click on the following link to listen to Shann and Timothy’s newly produced song, “Sunny (More Sweetness with Honey)” from their album.

Sound of the Muse artist development services include studio recording and post production, vocal coaching, instrument training and lessons, an award-winning songwriters workshop, music video production, and the opportunity to work with a professional studio band.

With everything going virtual during lockdown, Sound of the Muse has had to adapt and provided their sessions over Zoom. Shann and Timothy are looking forward to re-opening their recording and artist development sessions in person again in August — working further with Ottawa talent. The couple also offers a youth program called Pop Star Experience Ottawa at their Stittsville Sound of the Muse Dream Forest Studios.

We at Stittsville Central hope you enjoy the first three episodes and artistic talent of Timothy Trieste and vocals by Shann Bailey as the GCTC has discovered and their audiences have appreciated the journey shared. We look forward to seeing the future episodes!


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