Stittville Village Association call out for volunteers – Canada Day

SVA Canada Day

Every community event is successful because of the commitment of volunteers. This year is no exception! The Stittsville Village Association is asking for your contribution of a few hours of volunteer time to help make Stittsville’s Canada Day celebration the success that it has been. Your contribution of time will only retain that success!

There are many areas that require some assistance — from the set-up to the take-down. Any age, any person really, is required to give a hand. Below are just some activities that require volunteers to the day go smoothly:

  • Marking the area in the field where the fireworks take place
  • Cleaning the fireworks field of any debris after the display on July 2nd.
  • Assisting with the entertainment
  • Monitoring the bouncy rides
  • Monitoring the zip lines
  • Helping out with the Big Sky Animal Sanctuary
  • Providing general information to the public

We’d like to encourage you to give a hand, even just a couple of hours, it will make for an excellent day for you, feeling good as a donor of your time, and knowing the public are enjoying the day because of your participation.

For any high school kids wanting to lend a hand, the hours are counted for your high school volunteer requirement. If you give of your time, these hours will count to one half of the total hours you are required to perform. Just think, one day of volunteerism, and you are almost at the total number of hours you need – that sounds pretty good!

Please get in touch with Tanya Hein, President of the Stittsville Village Association to volunteer at or give her a call at 613-686-1842 – she is waiting to hear from you!

As our Councillor, Glen Gower, is messaging – ‘Get Involved‘! Involvement makes every community event enjoyable and fun for all. The ‘behind the scenes work’ is important and integral to every event. Let’s make Canada Day in Stittsville a celebration to remember!





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