Students cut teacher’s hair at Stittsville Public School

Students in Mme Reed’s Grade 4 class at Stittsville Public School managed to get away with cutting a teacher’s hair.

Students in her class raised $80 for Hair Donation Ottawa, more money than any other class in the school.  As a reward, they got to hack away sixteen inches of kindergarten teacher Liz Aitken’s hair on Wednesday, with help from Helene Hutchings of Hair Donation Ottawa.

Hair Donation Ottawa is a cancer research fundraiser taking place this Sunday at Algonquin College. Now in its fifth year, last year it raised nearly $100,000 along with nearly 4,000 inches of hair. The hair gets donated to 360-Hair, a Canadian company providing free wigs for financially challenged children under 18 and young adult cancer patients across Canada.

Your hair must be six inches long to have it cut. If your hair is not long enough they will still cut it but send it off to Montreal to make a hair mat and soak off oil spills in the ocean.

Altogether, Stittsville Public School students and staff raised $480, and Aitken raised an additional $500 through online donations.  The school is holding an assembly on Tuesday to present a cheque to Hair Donation Ottawa.


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  1. What a wonderful story, we are so proud of you and your classmates. This is a very worthy cause, and we hope your teacher got a better haircut afterwards

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