Successful E-Waste and Cake Walk fundraisers at Westwind PS

The Westwind PS Parent Council is proud to share its successes in the month of May with the community. Without the contributions of our Westwind families and surrounding community the recent electronic waste fundraiser and Calk walk wouldn’t have been such astounding successes.

On Saturday, May 9, spearheaded by fundraising coordinator Paula Harris, the Westwind community filled a massive shipping container with old televisions, computers, monitors, media players and game systems. Volunteers walked the community the week before putting signs on residents’ doors announcing curbside pickup service and a chance to win an iPad mini. The door hangers proved to be a tremendous success as it took several truck loads to gather the contributions. Many thanks to Rob Metcalfe and Ian McKim for providing the service.

Chris Harris, Westwind PS Parent Council member, was on hand to do the onsite heavy lifting and make sure that all hard drives were no longer functional before being loaded into the container for recycling. While totals are not yet available it took the strong arm of Lee Harris to get the container shut at the end of the day as the container was filled to the edge. Many thanks to the volunteers who were available to help out with the great event.

Westwind PS e-waste fundraiser

May 15 marked the 4th Annual Cake Walk. One of Westwind’s most popular events was not to be outdone this year. With over 320 cakes donated, the Parent Council is proud to announce a fundraising total of $2688. WOW! What a school! Parents and students alike outdid themselves this year as Anne Murphy took the helm of this fundraising Goliath once again. With her team of volunteers and a well planned day, the 650+ staff and students paraded through the school gym voting on which confection they’d most like to take home.

“Being a new parent of the school it was such an amazing thing to see. I got to participate all day and it was wonderful to see how excited all the children were. You walked in and it smelled like a bakery, it was a amazing.” Jamie McLaughlin, mother of kindergarten student Addison Begin and parent volunteer.

Westwind PS 4th Annual Cake Walk

Fundraising initiatives such as the e-Waste fundraiser and Cake Walk, help the Parent Council provide the school with curriculum enhancing programs such as Scientists in the School, buses for field trips, and classroom equipment such as noise cancelling headphones and voice recorders. Without the support of our parent body and community, we simply could not provide the support we do to the school.

We look forward to seeing everyone out in the coming weeks as we celebrate the year end with our Annual Fun Fair on June 11 (rain date June 16) on the school grounds. We continue to seek volunteer students and parents with a variety of skills to help with the planning and execution of the event. Anyone interested may contact


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