Sultan Farm and Sanctuary sunflower field abuzz with guests from far and wide – yes bees too

What a vision when you travel down Flewellyn Road and come upon the front field of sunflowers at the Sultan Farm and Sanctuary. The short drive from Stittsville is well worth the cheeriness that the swaying flowers bring to your day.

The Sultan’s have put a lot of work and love into their sweeping field of sunflowers – as far as your eye can see. This year, with the events going on around us, the family was not sure if they would proceed with opening up their field. With many supportive of their undertaking, they decided to do so. Jessica told us, “I’m very excited to see the field of flowers again this year.” So were we!

As many know, the Sultan Farm and Sanctuary is just that, a small farm that provides a good life for their rescued animals. For this reason, they are asking for donations when you make a visit to their field. Last year, the monies raised helped the animals until January of this year. FitPix photographers, Mandy and Rob Hambly, were there and for a donation you could get a high-resolution photo taken with all proceeds going to the farm. They will be there again on Sunday, August 23 to take photos if you missed them.

There are donation boxes located at the front entrance to pop in your gift. Ella Sultan painted one of the boxes with her creative artwork. It is pretty eye-catching with its pink pig.

While we were there, we could hear this incredible singing voice floating across the field. It was none other than Katelyn Forsyth! Katelyn, a student at U-Rock Music School, who also took first prize at the Rise2Fame talent show at the 2019 Richmond Fair. In addition, she was awarded a contract to perform at Wildpine Residence as a winner in the Battle of Bands show held last December. Unfortunately, due to COVID, her performances have taken a back seat. Katelyn’s singing was a welcome addition to our visit and for everyone else. It was a delight to speak with Katelyn and her Mom.

We also met the brightest little 5-year old we’ve ever talked to. Her name is Elayna Flynn – she was visiting from Barrhaven with her Mom, Dad and twin sisters. She was quick to tell us about her sisters and how she was ‘having fun’ in the sunflower field. It had been the Flynn family’s first time out and they thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the field.

It was nice to see so many people taking in the beauty of the sunflowers and all of the various types of bees who take shelter on the flower heads. The paths cut into the field make it easier for those with mobility issues to also enjoy the field and there is accessible parking right at the front entrance for those requiring it. We highly recommend you visit before the sunflower show is over.

I must add that everyone was definitely adhering to their physical distancing and staying with those in their bubble. Thank you for this.


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