Support local – shop local urges the Stittsville Business Association

The Stittsville Business Association (SBA) wants to assist business owners in reopening their businesses and are offering support to do so. The SBA is currently promoting a ‘shop local’ message through the strategic placement of large signs within Stittsville. The signs are designed to encourage residents to stay in our own backyard and support the SBA members the next time you shop. With over 400 businesses located right here in Stittsville that shouldn’t be difficult to do!

These past months have been extraordinary for the SBA executive and its members — various exceptional measures have been addressed by the executive. When the tax deferral programs were introduced, the SBA executive urged that the programs be expanded and appealed to the City to do so on behalf of members. Several virtual meetings and calls have been held to assist each business as they waded through the numerous federal and provincial support programs available; they shared ideas and advice on the practices that worked best for each business as they carried on their daily affairs; and, an expert on health and safety measures advised business owners of the acceptable procedures required when opening their doors again to  customers.

The SBA is a strong supportive voice for local businesses and have taken a proactive direction to attract membership in the association — the association is waiving membership fees for new and current members. If you are a business owner, no matter the size or type, now would be an opportune time to become a member and be included in the business voice for Stittsville. If you are interested in becoming a member, visit the SBA website at:

On May 18th, the SBA executive saw Stittsville Central share their community Open Letter that emphasized the importance of local products and services. In that letter, Allan Ryan, President of the SBA wrote, “having a healthy, successful and diverse local business sector, has never been so important as it is today. Our future depends on re-establishing our independence and sustainability.” This pandemic has proven that Canada and the provinces need to become self-sustaining and this occurs when local businesses are included in the planning stages.

During our conversation, Ryan stated, “the main message to residents is to support and shop local. And remember, the next time your team or a member of the community is seeking support, it is our local businesses that step up through their sponsorship of the many local sports teams, local events or employment.” Ryan wants this to be a reminder to everyone and maintains that local support goes both ways.

The SBA is working vigorously on several initiatives to assist businesses, with one project in particular that would see 8 to 10 banners displayed along Main Street, as seen in other communities such as Barrhaven, to support both the association and local individual businesses as each strives to reopen. Ryan also noted, “we are also looking at re-introducing a program called ‘New Business Award’ that the former Goulbourn Township council developed. For now, details have to be ironed out, but will be announced when finalized.”

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