Support the Stittsville Legion Branch 618 by donating empties – virtually

(Just some of the empties that Kyle Donaldson has collected to support the Stittsville Legion Branch 618. Photo: Kyle Donaldson)

Stittsville resident Kyle Donaldson cares about the future of Legions in Canada and especially our own Stittsville Legion Branch 618. The local hub of most communities, Legions are facing large revenue losses due to COVID-19 across the country as they closed their doors to the public and members. With plans to construct a new building for our local branch, the Stittsville Legion needs every bit of support that residents can muster.

For this reason, Kyle is seeking support through a Virtual Bottle Drive he has started. Over the next month or so, his hope is to raise at least $500.00 through the collection of alcohol bottles and beer cans. He just began collecting by sharing his message through word of mouth and with his family and friends, but is hoping that Stittsville Central can share his initiative with a larger audience in our community and beyond.

Kyle shared with us, “I just kept reading article after article, about how COVID-19 outbreak is impacting legions across Canada and to contact your local legion to offer support. Legions are a vital part of the community and are that support for veterans and their families (learned also supporting RCMP members).  So I did just that; while at the same time started to collect bottles and cans from neighbours, friends and families.  I have heard from many people so far that most people just recycle their alcohol bottles and cans rather than return to the local beer store in exchange for money. I’m hoping to capitalize on that idea – rather than someone recycling they can contact me and I will pick up and do the work to secure some funds for the legion.”

Kyle went on to say, “I will be storing all collected items in my garage for the month with all money raised being donated to the branch. Depending on how successful this drive continues, I may allow it to stay open if people wish to continue to donate to this cause.”

For those individuals or businesses who want to donate their empties, you can email Kyle at or visit his Facebook page to send a message. You don’t even have to drop off your donations, just send your message and Kyle will get back with a response to set-up a time and get your location. He will pick-up the empties – totally contactless and free!

Being considerate, Kyle realizes that the Rock Out 4 Jack bottle drive is also taking place and he in no way wants to impede the donations to help out the young Stittsville boy Jack Brown and his family.

I’m sure we can all find it in our hearts to support both great causes – our Stittsville Legion branch and Jack.


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    1. Hi Salina – several local businesses have Stittsville Legion poppy boxes set-up at their cashes where you can donate and pick-up your poppy. Hope this info helps.

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