Supporting our local businesses while money is tight – Michael Wood reaches out to Stittsville businesses & restaurants

Over the holidays, many residents supported our local businesses and restaurants and they all thank you. But, as you also may know, January especially during a lockdown, and the balance of the winter months can mean slower business. Now that the gift-giving season has passed, it is more important than ever to Think Local; to ensure that Stittsville’s businesses can keep their doors open to give you the valued service we are all accustomed to and keep our residents employed.

Did you know that for every dollar you spend locally, approximately 70 cents remains in the cash register of the business? This allows them to pay their staff wages and support other businesses and charities in the community. An example, a call-out came this past week from the Ottawa Food Bank (OFB) with a need for tomato sauce – PocoPazzo Italian Eatery right here in Stittsville were quick to step up to donate the needed tomato sauce. What would the OFB and those who receive their food baskets done without this generous donation?

Andrea Greenhous, President of the Stittsville Business Association, told Stittsville Central, “I’m asking for a little kindness – that’s free!” “The business community has received so much love and support over the last two years from Stittsville residents. If your budget doesn’t permit extra spending to help our local businesses out, we do ask that you be kind to them and their staff. We understand people are stressed and fed up, but kindness and perhaps some support (like/follow and interact with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) will go a long way.”

We here at Stittsville Central have created our list of restaurants, to do our bit for this lock-down, to help support those who are providing take-out and delivery during the current dine-in restrictions in place until January 26th. The list is updated daily to reflect the information we receive from our local restaurants or from their websites and social media pages.

There is also another fantastic way for businesses to self-promote. Michael Wood is a well-known proponent of supporting Ottawa’s local businesses and restaurants. He owns a business himself and has faced the challenges that COVID has caused for many. He has been called upon by the City and the Province for his expertise to provide vital information and input about businesses so they can receive the appropriate supports required to help them out. He hears from business owners personally every day, so is fully aware of the various situations that businesses and restaurants face daily.

@MikeWoodOttawa, his twitter handle, is offering free promotions for local businesses and restaurants. What do you have to do? Just shoot a 30-second video on your phone and Michael will be pleased to share it. It’s FREE so why not take this opportunity during the lockdown to do so. Your business or restaurant video will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to his numerous followers. Some will be included on his LinkedIn page where he has 11,000 followers!

Michael told Stittsville Central, “If any of the businesses or restaurants in Stittsville want to get a video, we will definitely push it.” Business and restaurant owners can email videos to Michael at or feel free to text the videos to his personal cell at 613-265-9967. He and Dylan Black, another huge supporter of local, have collaborated and will ensure your video is shared and, of course, Stittsville Central will share as well. Your video would look similar to below:

(Michael Wood wants to help businesses and restaurants – this is one example of what he has been pushing. If you are a Stittsville business, you can be promoted this way thanks to Michael and Dylan Black.)

There are many ways you can support our businesses without costing money or a minimal amount. You can:

  • leave a review on the local business or restaurant Google site reviews or on their social media pages.
  • share your thoughts about your favourite local business or restaurant on your personal social media pages – share your pics.
  • let your followers know about the Christmas purchases you recently made locally, take a quick pic and share.
  • for residents with a budget allowing, take part in Take-Out Tuesdays, or visit the Ultimate Take-Out Fridays with the CTV Ottawa restaurant suggestions such as ALE of Stittsville; and, Shout-Out Saturdays where local businesses are provided a free media message, from residents’ recommendations, on local radio stations such as Dylan Black on BOOM 99.7. Even enjoying take-out once a month will help our restaurants, especially during a lockdown where no in-house dining is permitted.
  • Take advantage of those discount coupon packs you get in your mailbox, there can be some great deals for local businesses and restaurants.
  • If you are cooking at home, share the shop where you purchased those main ingredients with a photo or the finished dish.

Everything counts when supporting local, especially during unusual times. If you love to support shopping local, but perhaps find the businesses you are looking for are not available right here in our community – there are over 400 businesses in Stittsville – and by contacting even one with a similar service, it may lead to another local that may be able to help you out.

There are more businesses closer to home than you may think!


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