Take caution outdoors to avoid pet emergencies, Ottawa Humane Society urges

 After a recent incident involving pills found in pieces of bread in Orleans, the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) is reminding pet owners to be vigilant when taking their pets outdoors. If a pet consumes an unknown substance, seeking immediate veterinary care is often in the animal’s best interest.

“It’s disturbing to hear about what may have been a deliberate attempt to poison animals in Orleans,” said Sharon Miko, OHS President & CEO. “It’s a stark reminder to be cautious of what our pets are picking up outdoors, as there are many other substances and items, often left without harmful intent, that could jeopardize your pet’s health.”

The OHS has a list of common, and sometimes unexpected, poisons that affect animals. Poison is not the only item that could hurt a pet when consumed — everyday objects like rocks, plastic and more can cause issues.

“Many non-food items can very easily block an animal’s digestive tract if ingested,” said Dr. Shelley Hutchings, OHS Chief Veterinarian. “Immediate veterinary care can be the difference between life and death for the pet.”

The OHS recommends always keeping dogs and cats supervised on a non-extendable leash and harness while outdoors. When visiting an off-leash dog park, scan the area for items that may be a danger to your pet before letting your dog off-leash. If a pet ingests an unknown object or substance, seek immediate veterinary care.


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