Temporary road closed for good in Blackstone

(Update from City Councillor Shad Qadri.)

In the Blackstone subdivision a temporary road access has been closed and residents have been redirected to a new travel route. The road section closed was an extension of Westphalian Ave between Dressage Ave and Rouncey Road.

This section of road was always intended as temporary as the blocks are planned for walkway blocks in the subdivision. Temporary road connection was permitted along the blocks for construction traffic in Blackstone Phase 1, but has also been used public as well. The closing of the temporary road is required as the adjacent lots will be under construction soon; the close proximity between the construction site and travel traffic will make it unsafe for both the crew and vehicles.

The alternative route along Tapadero Ave, about 150 metres to the north, has been constructed with base course asphalt and this route will provide access for both public traffic and emergency services from Westphalian to Terry Fox. In the future, there will be another connection road along Groningen St. On-site signs will direct traffic flow to the right direction naturally.

There have been concerns that the new route on Tapadero is not currently lit and it is anticipated the lights (will be) energized in the near future. Monarch has also advised that some new stop signs have been installed, including making the Rouncey/Westphalian intersection a three-way stop, to encourage cars driving at a safer speed.

City staff have already been in contact with the developer regarding concerns with construction vehicles impeding traffic on the new road connection of Tapadero. If you encounter any difficulties please let me know.


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