Thanks and good luck to our summer reporter, Jordan Mady

Well right back at you Jordan! Jordan Mady joined us in May and was our very first summer reporter, a position funded in part through a crowdfunding campaign that we ran last spring.

Unfortunately for us, he’s heading back to Toronto to finish a journalism degree at Ryerson. He covered quite a variety of stories for us over the four months, from profiles of local people and businesses to more serious issues in the community.

Jordan Mady
Jordan Mady

What’s great about Mady’s reporting is that he always put the focus first on people in our community, and approached each story with compassion, curiosity and a good sense of humour.

Some of his greatest hits:

  1. His very first story was an intelligent profile of Stittsville resident George Escher, son of renowned artist M.C. Escher.
  2. A story about the balancing act at Stittsville’s quarries, between owners, police, parents, and kids who like to party there.
  3. He rounded up 20 neighbours who live near a wrecking yard on Flewellyn to hear about their concerns after a fire there in July.
  4. He owned the food truck beat, filing stories and video featuring Muraca on Fire, Jolly Hog, Culinary Meltdown, The Tartan Kitchen, and Wiches Cauldron.
  5. He took a look into Stittsville’s shabby skateboard park, and one dad’s idea for giving teenagers a better facility.

I wish you all of the best at Ryerson this year Jordan, and good luck in your future reporting career!


(P.S.: Going forward, we’re working with a number of freelancers and student interns to keep sharing stories about our community. If you’d like to contribute, please send us an email at


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