The Amberwood Village Golf and Country Club vote to sell five building lots

Amberwood Village Golf Green

Amberwood Village Golf and Country Club (AVGCC) held their virtual Annual General Meeting two weeks ago. At that meeting the members voted unanimously to support a motion required by the Amberwood Village Recreation Association (AVRA) to carry on with the strategic plan to improve facilities at the golf course.

Members of AVRA voted in favour this week for the motion to sell five lots and reinvest the sale proceeds for the betterment of the community facilities. In total, 80% of AVRA members (362) cast their vote, either in person or by proxy. Of this number, 96% voted yes.

Now that the vote has taken place, the next steps take the organization to the City to secure the appropriate zoning and then close the deal. The process may take until November or December, 2020 to complete.

In the interim, AVRA and the AVGCC are managing the facilities through the COVID-19 challenges and ask that your support their restaurant, ALE, by ordering from their take-out menu at

The golf course is busy with the arrival of warmer weather and waiting to greet not only its members, but new people. When playing golf it is one of the sports that can be enjoyed while physically distancing, but AVGCC is being vigilant when following the guidelines and must remain so. Be assured that the Club has put in place all safety precautions to protect the staff and golfers.

The pool has yet to be opened, but you can enjoy a singles game of tennis or pickle ball while some events have already been scheduled on the courts.

Amberwood Village Pool (via
Amberwood Village Pool (via

Amberwood is a community golf course and the residents of Stittsville and area are always welcome to enjoy the facilities.


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  1. The virtual annual general meeting of AVGCC really had no bearing on the real vote that came later. Only members of Amberwood Village Recreation Association (AVRA) are owners of the land and could make the decision. Club membership is open to anyone who wants to pay the dues but doesn’t entitle them to decide what happens with the property. Confusing, yes. In the near future, AVGCC may dissolve into a branch of AVRA, but without giving members voting rights. It’s all a quibble, perhaps. But it’s good to get things right when reporting a democratic vote.

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