The history of Amberwood captured in author’s new book

(Barbara Robson, author of her newly published book about the story of Amberwood Village poses with her book. Photo: submitted)

Barbara Robson, a resident of Amberwood Village, a journalist and skilled author, has been researching the history of Amberwood for several years. She has been sharing the story through installments on Facebook over the past few months. Residents looked forward to her posts. It was time to put the the story on paper. Barbara recently published Amberwood Village: An Illustrated History to rave reviews.

A new book that tells the story of Stittsville’s unique, “vacation-home lifestyle” community is flying off the shelf. The first two shipments have sold out.

Amberwood Village: An Illustrated History, follows the development of the community off Hazeldean Road from the vision of its developer, Jack Johannsen, in the 1970s through to today.

“Things didn’t exactly go as planned,” says author Barbara Robson, an Amberwood resident. “Jack’s plan was to build 1,000 condos, a small shopping mall near the entrance and much more extensive jogging and country-country ski trails.”

His first partnership failed, however. A retired general waged war. And there were two disastrous fires that destroyed the clubhouse.

“But the community showed an amazing resiliency,” she said. “And some wonderful things happened.” There were large charity golf tournaments, Canada Day celebrations and a winter carnival. Paul Lindsay Park was established. Ross Connor created his Japanese garden by the creek. The garden plots under the hydro towers flourished.

And recently the club has taken a really positive turn. It’s trying to reach out to the people of Stittsville as it seems it never has before.”

The 90-page book, full of old photos and maps, is being sold for $20 as a fundraiser for the Amberwood Village Recreation Association to purchase bike racks, a lift for its refurbished pool or another family-friendly amenity. Copies are available in the golf club’s Pro Shop or you can place an order by email at


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