The Ottawa Catholic School Board requests feedback from residents on boundaries for new Fernbank elementary school

The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) received capital funding from the Province in October 2020 for the construction of a new elementary school in the Fernbank development area. The new school is scheduled to open for September 2023, on a site that the Board purchased in 2018. The site is located at the southwest corner of Cope Drive and Defense Street in the southern part of the Fernbank development area.

More recently, the OCSB Board approved the consultation process for the setting of an attendance boundary for the New Fernbank Catholic Elementary School slated to open in 2023. The Board report includes a document which contains supporting information for the consultation process, the proposed boundary, and the impact on existing schools, namely Guardian Angels CES, Holy Spirit CES, St Martin de Porres CES, Holy Trinity HS, and Sacred Heart HS.

A “Boundary Consultation” webpage has been created where members of the public and school communities can obtain updates and information on the consultation process, the boundary proposal, and how the public can provide feedback/input. This webpage also includes links to the Board memo and Consultation document. The link to the webpage has been made available to potentially impacted schools to share with parents and advise them to visit for information and updates. The direct link to the Boundary Consultation page is: New Fernbank Catholic Elementary School (2023) Proposed Attendance Boundary Public Consultation Page

The OCSB consultation process typically involves a public meeting to be held at a school in the community to receive input regarding the proposal. Given the timing of the process and restrictions around public gatherings, the OCSB will be conducting a virtual public meeting. Updates, including a date and time for the meeting, will be shared with schools and posted on the consultation webpage.

OCSB welcomes feedback throughout the consultation process. However, in order to ensure that feedback received is incorporated into the formulation of final recommendations to the Board, it is requested that input be provided no later than January 28, 2022. To make your comments on the new Fernbank Elementary Catholic School boundaries, visit this Google form link: Feedback and Comment Form.


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