The Poole Creek-Amberwood garden is put to bed for the winter

(A group of dedicated volunteers came together on October 22, 2022 to prepare the Poole Creek-Amberwood garden for the winter. The oriental themed garden was started by Ross Connor. L to R: Ken Campbell, Richard Eaton, Christine Casey, Micheline Simpson, Faith Silver, Carol Lenz, Elizabeth Stoqua. Photos: A passerby kindly took the photos of the group and shared with Stittsville Central by Elizabeth Stoqua.)

Ross Connor would be happy to see the many volunteers who gathered this past Saturday, October 22 morning to clean up the Poole Creek-Amberwood Garden and prepare it for winter. With perfect weather for the task and many hands, the garden was stripped and pruned in no time.

The Poole Creek-Amberwood Garden is located along the Poole Creek Pathway just east of Springbrook Drive. While the future of the garden was in question earlier this year, a team of volunteers stepped forward and have begun organizing ongoing maintenance and fundraising activities to conserve this landmark for all to enjoy.

Started by the late Ross Connor over 30 years ago, the oriental themed garden is a legacy that lives on for the many walkers and cyclists of the Poole Creek Pathway. His garden is known by many horticultural clubs who have made it a stop during their garden tours bringing pleasure to all. 

The next initiative for this group of dedicated volunteers will be a fundraising bake sale at the indoor Christmas Market to be held Saturday, November 12 at the Holy Spirit Parish Hall, 1489 Shea Road, from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Funds will be used to purchase plants and supplies for the ongoing garden maintenance. Stop by and meet the group! They would love your support!

(Ross Connor looks over a sculpture created by Mother Nature from hardened wood in his oriental-themed garden. Photo: John Curry-2016)

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  1. What a wonderful group of volunteers helping to maintain the garden and adding to the neighbourhood.
    With appreciation.

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