The Stittsville farm that has captured our hearts

Perpetua Quigley is a local artist who has again captured the beauty and days of yore of Stittsville’s beloved Bradley-Craig farm. Perpetua painted this watercolour in July, 2021 and shares it with Stittsville Central and our community.

In keeping with our recent series on the history of the Bradley-Craig farm by Marguerite Evans, Perpetua has sketched a beautiful watercolour of the Bradley Craig Homestead and Barn with her Haiku. Perpetua follows up her Haiku with a summary that was written by Darby Ace for her Master’s degree in architecture on the Bradley-Craig barn.

barn and brick homestead
community, craft, story
heritage landscape

As defined by UNESCO, “intangible cultural heritage” is the premise of a thesis “Our Barn: Our Stories” authored by Darby Ace, Master Architecture. As suburban development expands onto agriculture lands, barns repurposed to accommodate a growing community hold the promise of bringing rootedness and a sense of identity to an anonymous landscape.


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