Thieves slide away with stolen toboggan from Cheshire Cat Pub

Cheshire Cat security camera footage

UPDATE APRIL 15: It’s been located…

Posted today on the Cheshire Cat Pub Facebook page:

On March 28 – Earth Day around 9:24pm – The “Steamwhistle” toboggan was stolen from our front entrance. This is a note to the two guys that took it. We have full footage of your theft. We have pictures of your faces, we know that you sat downstairs by the patio door for dinner. We saw you leave and pull your car in to an open spot close to the door. You couldn’t quite fit the toboggan in to your trunk so you had to jam in in to your back seat. Here’s a pic to prove we know…if you want us to post one with your faces, let us know. You have until Friday to return the toboggan with a donation of $100 for Tysen’s Wish – By the way, your beard needs a trim buddy. You can leave it in the shed out front and mail the cheque to Tysen’s Wish.

As of Monday night the post had an incredible 817 shares and 1,428 likes.

Cheshire Cat owner Dustin Therrien says that the wooden tobggan was worth “maybe” about $200.  It was kept in the front entry of the restaurant.  He believes the two men who stole it on March 28 were in the restaurant from about 6:45pm-9:25pm.

As of this morning they had no leads, but Therrien said they would post a note to Facebook if they hear anything.

In the meantime, Steamwhistle has offered another toboggan to use to raise funds for Tysen’s Mission if it’s not returned.


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