This week at Gaia Java: Acacia Lyra plus the Dooley family & Otto Cepella

It often impresses me what you can do with music. You can relax people, get them excited, bring them together, or (in the case of shopping mall owners who play Lawrence Welk to discourage assemblies of teenagers) you can drive them away!

This week we see the power of music working to give people a new life in a new country – OUR country! 
Susan and Janine are the amazing Celtic Harpists of the Acacia Lyra duo – and you have heard their wonderful music and lilting songs in the shop on previous music nights.  With the help of the Dooley family (Kevin on Irish flute and his daughter Deirdre on bodhran – they have also played in the shop previously) as well as Ottawa/Netherlands guitarist Otto Cepella (who will be half of a double bill at Gaia Java in early December), Acacia Lyra are bringing you a Celtic Music Night at our little shop this Friday.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see some other musicians turn up to join in as well. It will be a West End preview to the fundraiser concert they are presenting the following evening in Westboro, which is in aid of an Ethiopian refugee family that is settling in Ottawa.

We know that these folk make wonderful music independently as well as together, so join us and share in the joy at the same time as sharing a little of your spare change to help their great cause. All you have to do is come along, sit and tap your feet and sing ‘diddley ydle dydle dye’ etc, and sip a smooth latte while munching on a brownie, and periodically throw some coins or bills in a jug to make the singers smile!

The music nights start at 7pm, and as usual there is no charge, but we do have a ‘jar’ for donations to support the musicians (and in fact for this Friday we will have the jar out all day and any change/tips that go into it will be added to the benefit collection of Saturday’s fundraiser), and we hope that you will buy a drink or two (and maybe something tasty to eat!)

See more details at where you can also review the listing of upcoming music night performers over the next month or so – everything from University students to seasoned professionals who are willing to come and share their talents with you.

Acacia Lyra plus the Dooley family & Otto Cepella are at Gaia Java on Stittsville Main Street on Friday, November  at 7:00pm.



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