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  1. Stittsville’s breakdancing firefighter (video)
  2. Photos of a black bear near Hazeldean & Jinkinson
    (we’ve had several bear sightings this year in our area)
  3. Special Investigations Unit investigates after collision at Huntmar & Maple Grove
    (We hear that both accident victims are recovering well from their injuries. The police officer involved was walking about at the Arts in the Park event at the beginning of June.)
  4. How a food blog evolved into a ready-to-eat meal service
  5. Tartan Kitchen is the newest addition to The Glen family
    (part of our continuing series on Stittsville food trucks)
  6. Vandals wreck turtle enclosure
    (…and vandals were back later in the month, causing damage a second time to the structure)
  7. Geographically-challenged homebuilders agree to change direction
    (Tamarack and Tartan both say they’ll be more inclusive of Stittsville in future ads)
  8. Stage is set for Canada Day in Stittsville
    (you should check out this fireworks video)
  9. Sink into cheesy goodness at Culinary Meltdown
    (they’re at Bluesfest this week instead of their usual Carp Road location)
  10. Herbicide to be used to combat wild parsnip

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