Tour the food trucks at the inaugural Stittsville ‘off gluten’ food trucks tour October 20

Stittsville resident Mandy Hambly has been a strong advocate for everything Off Gluten. As an individual who has Celiac Disease, Mandy is on a mission to help others who experience this gluten-sensitive enteropathy. People who have this serious autoimmune disease experience an immune reaction to eating gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley and rye – that damages the small intestine.

Mandy wants to share with people the food they can eat safely and bring more awareness to the disease by bringing an event that is different to Stittsville. On October 20th you can experience various sampler menu items by participating in the The Gluten Free Food Trucks Tour here in Stittsville. There will also be dairy and vegan options available.

More and more food trucks in Stittsville were offering gluten-free options and Mandy took quick notice of this. Her inspiration to do something different took hold. “I noticed this Summer on social media that many of the food trucks in Stittsville boasted gluten free food options. I figured there were enough of them to put a tour together, and here we are just weeks later!

“When word gets out in the GF community you can get gluten free waffles, fish and chips or poutine at a food truck, people will travel for the treat – And return!”, shared an enthusiastic Mandy.

(Check out these Stittsville food trucks who are participating in the October 20th Gluten Free Food Trucks Tour. Graphic: Mandy Hambly)

There are five local food trucks who are participating in the tour:

Those wishing to participate can show up at Jimmy’s waffle World at any time between 4:00pm and 6:30pm to check-in. You will receive a ‘Tour’ sticker indicating that you have purchased a ticket (or more) to show to the various food truck Chefs. Then go at your own pace! Tickets are $40 and are available at Eventbrite with a few left for purchase. Ticket proceeds are being split with each chef to cover their food costs.

(Map to get you around during the Gluten Free Food Trucks Tour being held in Stittsville on October 20.)

And just look at this list of the scrumptious samplers you can experience: Chef Jimmy over at Jimmy’s waffle World is serving a tasty ‘sandy cinnamon’ waffle or a everyone’s favourite, a corn dog; Chef Reggie of Scratch Box Gastro Truck may have fish & chips or fried chicken (yet to be confirmed, but whatever the options sure to be delicious); how about Chef Roy’s award-winning gluten free poutine from Smokin R&Rs; Chef Jeff at Crave Tacos is wrapping things up with a beef or vegan taco both great choices; and across the street Chef Mario of The Original Souvlaki, promises you’ll enjoy a chicken souvlaki stick with Mario’s signature tzatziki or a fresh Greek salad. An amazing group of samplers that anyone can enjoy!

Mandy adds, “Participants will move at their own pace. And all 5 trucks will have a busy Thursday night with the extra 45 eaters!”.

Mandy encourages everyone to come out and support our local food trucks, especially during Small Business Week, “Some of your favourite Stittsville food trucks are shutting down for the Winter soon. Be sure to show them some love as the weather cools! Some are on food ordering services as well”.

You can follow Mandy on her OFF-Gluten Facebook page where she shares local and area businesses who serve the Celiac and gluten-free community.

Mandy ends, “if people want to learn more about Celiac Disease in Canada I would encourage them to visit the Celiac Disease web site:“.

We certainly hope that this inaugural event becomes an annual event!

The Ontario government recently extended their free testing pilot project for Celiac Disease until March 31, 2023. For information about the testing available visit the Canadian Celiac Association and make sure you get tested.



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