TransCanada files application for Energy East pipeline

Energy East Pipeline Map

TransCanada filed a proposal with the National Energy Board today for approval on the controversial Energy East pipeline project.

Part of the 4,600km pipeline would pass just west of Stittsville, stretching from Alberta to the East Coast of Canada.

According to the CBC, the company has filed 30,000 pages worth of documents outlining the project which.  The company says it will create 14,000 jobs and generate $36-billion in economic activity.

Among those 30,000 pages of documents is  Appendix Volume 9E, which includes a “community engagement log” covering Ottawa. It’s a compilation of interactions between Trans Canada representatives and community officials.

Meanwhile, Ecology Ottawa was planning to place jack-o-lanterns around the Prime Minister’s office to protest the pipeline.

“TransCanada’s filing today represents the countdown to this pipeline being rejected. Already we’ve heard it from communities along the pipeline route, from First Nations, and from nearly 6,000 residents of Ottawa alone, who have said they don’t want this pipeline,” stated Ben Powless, Pipeline Community Organizer with Ecology Ottawa in a press release.


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3 thoughts on “TransCanada files application for Energy East pipeline”

  1. Dateline 2064 most of those who apposed to the Energy East pipeline project have passed on, the good news is the Energy East pipeline project has worked as designed, it’s a pity those who opposed it have long passed on, they could have put that energy to better use.

  2. Those 14,000 jobs projected by TransCanada, how many will be temporary contract positions?
    In regard to the $36-billion in economic activity, how many billions does it cost to clean up a spill? Also, take into account the loss to our tourism industry, environment, and our health.

  3. Ayah

    You might not be aware but oil is being pumped into Ottawa now its comes from the middle east and how many spills have there been the last 50 years maybe 4 at the most.

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