Tree clearing at 6279 Fernbank starts February 1

6279 Fernbank Road, via Bing Maps

ABOVE: Aerial via Bing Maps circa 2010.

Residents near the land known as 6279 Fernbank received notice this week that tree cutting will begin as early as Monday.

“Please be advised that the General Manager of Planning and Growth Management has approved a Tree Permit to allow tree removal in the noted subdivision (File No. D07-16-13-0016), as ofFebruary 1, 2016.  There are conditions associated with this permit as detailed in the attached.  For any questions regarding this permission, please contact Forester, Mark Richardson, at or at 613 580 2424 extension 23839.”

Aerial photo showing part of the land at 6279 Fernbank.
Aerial photo showing part of the land at 6279 Fernbank, winter 2015.

Here’s a copy of the permit and the draft plan of subdivision. Most of the trees on the site will be cleared for a new housing development. Click here for more background about the development.


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  1. How can the City give them a permit to cut the trees (in the winter) when the City spent a lot of time and money defining Best Practices for wildlife protection during construction. Over two years of research and extensive consultation with stakeholders from regulatory agencies, the development industry, environmental consultants, community environmental groups, and wildlife organizations they prepared. “Protocol for Wildlife Protection during Construction” . In the document the City states that Mid-October through March is a sensitive timing window (for overwintering wildlife) and tree clearing should be avoided. On one hand the City says trees should not be cleared in the winter and on the other hand they give a developer a permit to clear trees in the Winter (February).

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