Tysen Lefebvre reaches $1 million goal for Make-a-Wish

Stittsville’s Tysen Lefebvre is at the end of his five-year mission to raise $1 million for Make-a-Wish foundation — and he’s even gone a little bit over.

As of Tuesday, one day after Lefebvre’s self-imposed deadline of Oct. 29, he had raised $1,004,197.47.

Lefebvre, 18, began his mission in 2013 after getting his wish granted to meet Adam Sandler. Lefebvre says he was so inspired by meeting Sandler, he decided to raise enough money to grant wishes to 100 kids.

“He helped me get through some rough times without even knowing it and I was glad to get the chance to let him know how much I loved his movies,” Lefebvre wrote in a 2015 article for StittsvilleCentral.ca.

Lefebvre has Type 2 Pfeiffer’s Syndrome, a rare genetic condition which was required him to receive no fewer than 27 surgeries — surgeries, some of which, he has postponed in order to spend time fundraising.


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