Ugly sidewalk repair just a temporary fix, says city

Ben Kirkwood took this photo of a repair job on Stittsville Main Street near Abbott.   The brick sidewalk was paved over with a coat of asphalt.

Asphalt repair on Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Ben Kirkwood
Photo by Ben Kirkwood

“Hopefully, in the new plan for Sittsville Main St., they have set aside more tax money to fix this recent “repair” at Main/Abbott,” he wrote. “This sad attempt to rejuvenate was a step in the wrong direction.”

We asked the City about the repair, and if the brickwork will ever be restored. Here’s the response from Luc Gagne, Manager, Roads Services:

“In this particular case the City identified a tripping hazard at the Stittsville location. It is standard practice when crews identify a hazard that they remove the stone, clear the area and complete a quick temporary fix with asphalt. The decorative brick will be replaced at a future time.”

No timeline was provided for the return to the decorative brick.



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