Ukranian family welcomed with proceeds from Stittsville cookie fundraiser

(Chelsea Walton and partner Scott Muir, with their children Lily-Anne Bastien, Abigail Muir, Ruby Bastien, Emma Muir and Hazel Bastien, welcome to Canada the Ukranian family they supported through their April 9, 2022 Cookie Fundraiser for Ukraine. Photos: Stittsville Central)

A Stittsville family wanted to help a Ukrainian family who arrived in Canada on April 2nd. The family is staying with mutual friends in Nepean. The local family wanted to do what they could to assist and welcome the family to their new life in Canada. So it was natural to hold a street-side cookie fundraiser on April 9 – who doesn’t love cookies while supporting a good cause!

Chelsea Walton, along with her partner Scott Muir and their children, Lily-Anne Bastien, Abigail Muir, Ruby Bastien, Emma Muir and Hazel Bastien got busy, with the little ones creating their bristol board posters to display at the fundraiser and the set-up for the cookie fundraiser on their front porch. To the delight of all who came by, there wasn’t only cookies, but chocolate squares and the best peanut butter cups this side of Ottawa.

(The Stittsville family of Chelsea Walton and Scott Muir held their front-porch cookie fundraiser for a Ukranian family on April 9, 2022.)

“We would love to help make their transition to Canada a little easier,” Chelsea told us.

The baking was donated by enthusiastic neighbours Nancy and Dave Fennel who wanted to also help the family on their arrival. They went above the baking with a monetary donation to the new Canadian family on ‘cookie’ day.

(Neighbours Nancy and Dave Fennel dropped by to provide an extra donation to the April 9 cookie fundraiser.)

The Principal from Holy Spirit Elementary School, Ms. Hanna, also dropped by with a generous donation on behalf of the school and students, saying, “it is important that we support each other”.

On April 10, Chelsea, Rick and the children travelled to Nepean to personally deliver the $571.00 raised through their cookie fundraiser. Chelsea told us, “they are so sweet”.

At times like these, the kindness of others in support of the Ukrainian people is so important. We should also count our blessings that we live in Canada.


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