UPDATE: Nukka’s surgery a success

Nukka out for a walk with one of the Sultan kids

Re: Family asks for community’s support to help their young dog (January 1, 2017)

I just got the call from the vet, after 7+ hours of excruciating wait time during Nukka’s surgery. I’m bawling… with the most complete, utter relief. She’s OKAY! She’s going to be OKAY! I just can’t believe it. I am beyond words.

According to the vet, the surgery was a success. She says we should be very pleased with what we accomplished and feeling positive about a full recovery.

The decompression of Nukka’s spinal column caused by the congenital abnormality was completed with no issue (translation: the pieces of the two vertebrae that were malformed were removed successfully, and her spinal column is no longer pinched as a result).

The cyst at C5 was also successfully removed, thereby further decreasing compression of her spinal column.

What was discovered, and the reason the surgery took so long, was a lot of fibrous tissue (translation: scar tissue) at the sites of C4 and C5, the malformed vertebrae. Fibrous tissue is very difficult, if not impossible, to remove. It was so thick at C4 that the vet had trouble removing the bone that needed to come out (it is apparently unusual for fibrous tissue to adhere to bone).

The prognosis for Nukka is still good. The fibrous (scar) tissue most likely formed as a response to the congenital malformation. Now that the problematic pieces of bone are removed, a) no more fibrous tissue should form, and b) if it does, there is now ‘space’ that it can fill without compressing her spinal column again (i.e. a void where the bone used to be).

The vet reports that Nukka is resting comfortably and will be given Prednisone via IV all night to keep her sedated.

The goal for the next 24 hours is to have her pee without a catheter, and eat of her own volition. Within the following 24 hours (i.e. day two), if we see her stand on her own, that is an amazing win.

I do not have the words right now to appropriately express my relief and happiness, nor my gratitude to you all.

Please overlook my babbling as I simply try to express this basic message: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our Nuney is going to be okay.

Jessica and Family


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