Vandals wreck turtle enclosure at local park

Vandals wrecked an enclosure used to protect snapping turtle eggs at Stitt Park.

Vandals wrecked the turtle enclosure at Stitt Street Park today, but neighbours believe the eggs were left unharmed.

Earlier this month, Karla Torres and her family saw a snapping turtle laying her eggs in the sand.   They built a protective enclosure around the next and posted a sign in an effort to help the eggs survive until months later when they’ll hatch.

She was dismayed to find the enclosure destroyed earlier this evening.

“One lady says she saw three teenagers, around 15 years old. They were wrecking everything and laughing.  They did it on purpose.  When someone saw them they started to run away, throwing firecrackers” she says.

“My neighbour, his backyard goes to the creek, he saw the boys as well and started to yell at them.  One of them was wearing a red t-shirt.”

Vandals wrecked an enclosure used to protect snapping turtle eggs at Stitt Park.

Vandals wrecked an enclosure used to protect snapping turtle eggs at Stitt Park.

Torres says the eggs appear to be unharmed, and neighbours helped rebuild the enclosure.  She says she called police but was told nothing could be done to find the culprits.

“If they did that with eggs, with turtles… what else could they do around here? We saw already two big bottles of vodka on the creek, we see kids smoking pot around here,” she says.


Despite this setback, she’s encouraged by the support from her neighbours.  “I’m happy – the community, everybody was helping,” she says.

She says since the original enclosure was built, Stitt Street Park has become a popular spot for locals.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s like a tourist point. People stop by and take pictures. People are so happy to have this.”


6 thoughts on “Vandals wreck turtle enclosure at local park”

  1. I believe kids are just having fun as long as the eggs are not harmed we are all good it’s gonna be easy to replace

  2. I think that its no that big of a deal and you should all calm down because it is very easy to rebuild the turtle enclosure

  3. U guys a knit picking on kids let them do what they want who cares about a few turtles geez kids do a little thing like that and u put it on the internet seriously mind ur own business

  4. Wow……..unacceptable comments Harry…….almost sounds like you’re condoning kids vandalising stuff. Get a grip!

  5. Stupid to condone or excuse any kind of vandalism. Parents must be idiots too ! These brats deserve real punishments. To protect the eggs I would remove them to a moist plastic bag with soaked paper towels and store in a warm environment such as a closed garage until hatching begins in a few weeks .Next time these brats will go after the eggs

  6. Wow Dave that was a little mean we have the freedom of speech so u can’t say that about Harold. I agree with Harold he’s a nice guy but you guys shouldn’t be so critical. Mind your own business

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