VIDEO: Aerial footage of the Upper Poole Creek Wetland

Screen shot from an aerial video of the Poole Creek Wetland. By Twitch.

Here’s a mesmerizing video shared by Twitch, taken on Saturday high above the Upper Poole Creek Wetland at the observation deck on the Trans Canada Trail.

It’s long – over 13 minutes – but it’s a fascinating look at the wetland from a perspective the area. Most of the wetland is far from roads or paths and on private property, so this video gives a unique view. The video starts with a flight heading north west from the Trans Canada Trail towards Hazeldean Road.

You’ll see the observation deck at about 1:00 in at the bottom of the screen; a really nice low-flying shot around 3:45; the camera spins around and heads south at around 6:20; then follows Poole Creek as it passes by Stephens Auto Wreckers at about 7:10; there’s quite a wide shot of the wrecking yard from around 8:30-10:30; then the camera floats back north over the trail and the large wetland area; at 11:30 we spin around again to head south; the pilot makes a quick cameo around 13:15 as the drone nears the ground.


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    1. This is a total invasion of privacy and if I owned the auto wreckers property I would be seeking significant compensation. How would the guy operating this drone like it if we flew into his backyard if he even owned one and took pictures of his personal property etc. This should be totally illegal.

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