VIDEO: Breathtaking views of Bradley-Craig Farm

Bradley-Craig Farm / photo by Hien Hoang

Wow. Stittsville photographer/videographer Hien Hoang has done it again, this time with an amazing perspective of the historic Bradley-Craig Farm. (For what it’s worth, we haven’t heard any updates about the development status of the barn.) You can watch it below.



2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Breathtaking views of Bradley-Craig Farm”

  1. Wow, beautiful. I find the contrast between the aging barn and the open rural land, with the busy-ness of Hazeldean Road and the retail beyond, to be both telling, and very sad.

  2. An ultra-rich person could move it to a more suitable piece of land which she / he owns and turn it into a real show-piece home. This would take loads of cash, time, imagination and expertise, but the result could be fabulous.

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