VIDEO: How Stittsville is showing support for Humboldt Broncos

Stittsville for Humboldt

What started as an idea on the Stittsville Moms Facebook group turned into a touching video tribute to the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and their community in Saskatchewan.

Earlier this week, Jibby King asked her fellow parents to share photos of any hockey sticks that they’d placed outside as a tribute to the Broncos. Another mom, Kimberly Smith, offered to help build a video collage out of 153 individual photos. Music in the video includes “Humboldt Strong” by Jay (Smitty) Smith from Kingston, Ontario.

“This was a community effort, though sparked by my initial post,” says King. “I know Stittsville has a rich hockey community, and I count myself among the hockey parents. When a tragedy like this happens, it can be difficult to show solidarity and care and I was hopeful that this gesture let Humboldt know we have got our sticks out too. I expected the response given the hockey community, cadre of caring parents and accessibility of this gesture of kindness.”

“I have been very affected by the Humboldt tragedy, for some reason, and this was my way of giving back to a town in mourning,” says Smith. “To see how passionately our Stittsville residents put out their sticks in support and share their grief with Humboldt was just very humbling for me.”

“I think it is so important to let the families and community know that they are NOT alone and they people all around the world are grieving with them and praying for them. As a Christian, I see the hashtag #prayersforhumboldt and unfotunately, people freely use it, but do not realize the importance of actually praying for them.”

The sticks and the video are just a couple of the ways that our community is demonstrating support and solidarity with the Saskatchewan community. Schools in our area are also organizing fundraisers and asking students to wear jerseys in support of the Broncos.

You can watch the tribute video here:



2 thoughts on “VIDEO: How Stittsville is showing support for Humboldt Broncos”

  1. When I saw the news about #putyoursticksout on Monday night I also put 2 sticks out on our porch, one for my husband and son who are both hockey players. I had no idea that so many in our neighbourhood had done the same. But when I drove around my street yesterday and again on a walk today, I was moved to tears by all of the sticks! Stittsville is a big hockey community and we are all so shaken by this tragedy. It is such a lovely gesture that helps us feel like we are doing something and supporting the Humboldt families from so far away. This video really shows what a loving, caring community Stittsville is. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stittsville United Church invited members of the community to create cards of support to the hockey famlies in Humboldt. Rev Grant Dillenbeck wore his hockey jersey in the service and hockey sticks were placed outside the doors as people entered in. Kids of all ages created hand made cards that will be mailed this week to the Humboldt United Church. I agree with LIbbie that we are certainly blessed in Stittsville with a loving, caring community.

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