Video recounts 1938 Richmond bank robbery

Video still courtesy of Barbara Bottriell / Goulbourn Historical Society

John Curry, editor of the Stittsville News and local historian, went all out last Saturday afternoon as he presented the story of a bank robbery that happened in Richmond in 1938. He was the featured speaker at the Goulbourn Historical Society’s April meeting.

Instead of just telling the audience about what happened, he presented a re-enactment of the robbery in video format.

“When the Historical Society asked me to give a talk a few months ago, I got to thinking that maybe a skit would be a good idea,” said John. “So I approached the drama teacher at Sacred Heart High School and she and the kids in the class were enthusiastic about the idea.”

“Then I thought that maybe a video of the event would be good, so I approached videographer Sandy Durocher and he was enthusiastic too.”

Video still courtesy of Barbara Bottriell / Goulbourn Historical Society
Video still courtesy of Barbara Bottriell / Goulbourn Historical Society

The result was a very entertaining recreation of the 1938 robbery at the actual site of the former Bank of Nova Scotia location in Richmond (now a video store), featuring the high school kids dressed in costumes to suit the era and everyone playing their parts really well. There were 25 kids involved in the skit. They helped with the writing of it too. Sandy Durocher did an excellent job of the video which he plans to put on you-tube.

As is usual in the production game, the final editing was down to the wire with everything ready just about half an hour before the presentation. John Curry himself had a cameo role in the production which caused gales of laughter from the audience.

Light refreshments and much chatter followed the presentation which attracted over 40 people, both members of the Historical Society and members of the general public. All the Society’s speaker programs are open to the public. The next one is May16th at the Stittsville Library and it’s all about the history of volunteer firefighting in Goubourn along with a visit to the firehall to see the antique fire engine.

(P.S. The police were notified in advance just in case there was any confusion about what was taking place!)

Barb Bottriell is the president of the Goulbourn Historical Society.


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  1. I stumbled upon this great Youtube re-enactment of the 1938 bank robbery. I am the eldest grandchild of the bank manager, Mr. Lewis. Wow, what a super job you did. I will try and share with all my numerous Lewis cousins. Thank you so very much. Judith Lewis Seris.

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