2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Watch as an SUV drives the wrong way through a roundabout”

  1. I drive through this intersection almost daily and I see A LOT of bad lane changes, not yielding right of way, etc.

    I’ve never seen someone drive the wrong way, but my wife did see someone reversing in a roundabout once.

    Can’t say I agree with the logic at the end of the video. Roundabouts aren’t the only place where drivers don’t follow the rules.

  2. I drove the wrong way on a roundabout once, having just arrived at Dover by ferry from Calais. I’d seen the signs “Links fahren” (drive on the left), but that was before I made it to Immigration and they wanted to see not only my passport but also my insurance “green card”. I’d been 7 months on the continent and hadn’t a clue where it was. Twenty minutes later, insurance duly produced, all other cars had disappeared. Naturally, I turned right at the top of the one-way road from Immigration, and sailed around with my brother and his wife shouting reminders. Luckily, there were also no cars on the road I wanted to take, so I was able to emerge onto the left hand side without a scratch. Guardian angel at work again!

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