Vintage Richmond Bakery sign uncovered during renovations

Vintage Richmond Bakery sign. Photo via Deb Mallet.

“Coolest find ever! Painted on the block under the old sign,” wrote Deb Mallett on a Richmond community Facebook group where this photo was posted.

It was uncovered when the “old” back-lit Richmond Bakery sign was removed during renovations. Mallett is converting the old bakery building into a pub-style restaurant to be known as Danby’s Road House.

Do any of our readers know how old the uncovered sign may be?

Richmond Bakery
Richmond Bakery / Photo from Google Streetview

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  1. Gordon Brown who is the son of Harold Brown still lives in Richmond he might know, Ted Brown also a son might also know, but not sure where he lives….my dad Richard Jensen worked there for many years, not sure if I have any pictures from back then…

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