Waste Management submits site plan for Carp Road landfill expansion

Waste Management's Carp Road Landfill

Waste Management has submitted a site plan control proposal to the City of Ottawa for the expansion of the  Carp Road landfill.  You can access the documents on Waste Management’s web site

The plan covers a variety of infrastructure and land planning items including:

  • Vehicle access to Carp Road, including turn lane requirements
  • Landscaping, tree preservation, and compensation for any trees lost from the development
  • Protection of species at risk on the property
  • Stormwater management, including grading and drainage
  • Servicing, including water and sewer.

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The site plan is one of the municipal approvals Waste Management will needs to complete before they’re allowed to expand the landfill facility on Carp Road, just north of the Queensway.   A separate Host Agreement would address things like odour management, property values, service area limits, and diversion of waste.  The also need to receive an Environmental Compliance Approval from the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

Part of the site plan approval process includes an opportunity for residents to submit comments and concerns about the proposal, although the plan has yet to be posted to the City’s web site. The City’s development committee also needs to approve the plan before it goes to City Council for final approval.



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