WATCH: HANDS UP! Short film about the 1938 Richmond Bank Robbery

Hands Up! The daring Richmond bank robbery of 1938

From Youtube:

“This short movie was based on actual events surrounding the infamous 1938 bank robbery at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Richmond Ontario. The script was written by students at Sacred Heart High School in Stittsville, Ontario, based on research and published accounts of the actual robbery by journalist John Curry. In addition, more than 25 grade 11 students, under the leadership of Marina Westbrook, served as both cast and crew. Local businesses and the Goulbourn Museum stepped forward to provide historical signage, props and locations. This production was shot in Richmond and Stittsville over the course of 3 days by videographer / director Sandy Durocher. This included the exterior of the building in Richmond where the actual bank robbery occurred 77 years before.” (More about the film.)


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