We welcome Algonquin College co-op student Madison Costeira to Stittsville Central

We are pleased to welcome Madison (Maddy) Costeira to the Stittsville Central team to carry out her co-op work placement. Maddy is enrolled in the Media and Communications program at Algonquin College – specifically Professional Writing.

Maddy just moved to Stittsville on March 1st and while new to the community, she is looking forward to discovering more and meeting community members. She will be writing and sharing the local stories on Stittsville’s people, businesses, groups and events that are the foundation of our community.

Upon starting with Stittsville Central, Maddy told us, “After two years in the professional writing program at Algonquin College, I’m excited to finally take the next step and start my co-op placement with Stittsville Central”.

Having an organization take in writing students like myself is such an amazing opportunity for young people to get some work experience and establish themselves as writers. But I think most of all, I’m really looking forward to working with everyone and learning some new tips and tricks from all of the experienced writers here at Stittsville Central” she added.

Maddy loves to write and has written several blogs on the supernatural and mythical creatures on the Algonquin College School of Media and Design website. In the future, Maddy sees herself writing and successfully publishing a book along the same genre.

Should you see Maddy out in the community, please say hello and feel free to share your ideas and stories with her. You can reach Maddy via email at: newsroom@stittsvillecentral.ca.

Here at Stittsville Central our mandate is to support local journalism. We are pleased that through our collaboration with Algonquin College, we are able to provide an opportunity to students to fulfill their co-op placement requirements, while honing their skills and gaining relevant experience. We are proud to state that this is our fourth year of working with students from Algonquin.


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